Benefits of Having Maintenance on Your Prescott Heating System


Can you believe fall is half over and Thanksgiving is already here? While the summer was especially hot, we are enjoying the relief of cool fall temperatures. In fact, many have already turned on their heating systems this season as low temperatures dropped to near freezing levels recently. Unfortunately, many homeowners have neglected to have routine maintenance services performed by a Prescott heating repair expert. While you may think it unnecessary, there are a number of great reasons to sign a maintenance agreement…

It improves your indoor air quality.

While you may not see them, there are millions of airborne particles circulating throughout your home. Since it has been many months since your furnace was in use, many of these particles have settled within your system. When you turn the heat on, these particles will be blown into your home and inhaled your family. We will clean your system during maintenance to ensure this doesn’t happen!

It acts as a safety precaution.

When using a heating system—especially one which uses gas as a fuel source—fire and carbon monoxide are always possible dangers. During maintenance, an HVAC professional will inspect your system to check for things such as over-fired burners and cracked heat exchangers. Your filters will also be replaced, and carbon monoxide detectors may be installed.

It’s a preventative measure.

Your heating system is used hundreds of hours per year. With extended use, problems can develop that could leave you in need of Sedona heating repair services, or even premature replacement in the worst case scenario. Maintenance services include a complete system inspection to pinpoint problem areas and repair them before they become serious. This could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

It saves you money in the long run.

When your system is clean and fine-tuned, it is capable of operating at maximum performance and energy efficiency. This means that your system will operate less frequently (and with less energy required) which saves you money on monthly heating costs!

TDK Comfort Systems would love to help you maintain your home furnace or heat pump. Call us for information on maintenance agreements, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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