Common Sense Money Saving Tips for the Winter

Unfortunately, heating your home costs money. It doesn’t, however, need to cost an arm and a leg. It is possible to save some cash on your heating costs this winter.

Bundle Up: The easiest, most effective way to keep your heating costs down is to turn down your heat. Just because it’s winter outside doesn’t mean it has to be summer inside. Turn the heat down and bundle up with thick socks and a heavy sweater. Invest in flannel sheets and a heavy comforter for nighttime. You’ll be just as cozy and your wallet fuller.

Perform Regular Maintenance: In order to keep your car running smoothly, you perform regular maintenance. The same goes for your heating system. Contact us today forĀ Chino Valley furnace service.

Plug the Drafts: Escaping heat is a major money and energy waster. Fix drafty windows and doors using weatherstripping, caulk, or window insulation kits. All of these methods are easy and affordable. Don’t forget the entrances to your basement and attic. Closing the doors to unused rooms will also help keep the heat where it is being used.

Get Baking: Take advantage of the heat created by your oven and do some holiday baking. If baking isn’t your thing, prepare a roast, baked pasta dish, casserole, or other meal that requires the use of the oven. When you’re done, keep the oven door open a crack to let the heat escape into your home.

Insulate and Empty Your Pipes: Winterize your sprinklers and outdoor plumbing by blowing out the remaining water and wrapping pipes in insulation. Unused pipes may not save you money immediately, but it will save you money in the spring. Winterizing your plumbing prevents cracks during freezing weather. This will help you avoid leaks in the spring. Insulating your pipes will also keep the water warmer, requiring less energy to heat.