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SAVE with Geothermal Heating & Cooling

One of the main reasons that so many people dismiss the idea of using geothermal energy in their homes is because they think it is simply too expensive. This is actually a common misconception, and many people can actually save a lot of money by switching to geothermal home heating earthspinonleafand cooling.

Of course, this type of system does not come free. The truth is that a geothermal heat pump system is quite inexpensive to operate, but it will cost you a considerable amount to have it installed. It is also important that you have your geothermal system installed by a professional with experience working with this type of equipment so that you can be sure it is done right.

TDK Comfort Systems has been installing geothermal heat pumps for customers all over Northern Arizona for years. We can carry out any type of installation you need, and we will do it for a reasonable price and within a reasonable amount of time. The installation of a geothermal home heating and cooling system is more involved, but there are substantial cost benefits to be had in the end.

Year Round Comfort

One benefit of having a geothermal system installed is that it is the only home comfort system you will need. While its name might suggest otherwise, a geothermal heat pump can both warm and cool your house effectively, meaning that you will not need to invest in any type of air conditioning system to compliment it. Once your geothermal heat pump is in place, you will be assured a comfortable indoor environment all year long.

Energy Efficiency

geothermalGeothermal heat pumps are also very energy efficient. Because they do not actually have to generate heat, they can run on very little electricity. While the actual amount that you will save annually by switching to geothermal power will vary depending on what you were paying before, you will be hard pressed to find any type of home heating and cooling that is cheaper.

When you use geothermal energy, you are depending on an energy source that you, quite literally, do not have to pay for. The heat that your geothermal system gathers is continually returned to the soil by the sun and by heat radiating out from the Earth’s core. That means that you will not have to pay for any of that heat creation, and that you are doing something beneficial for the environment in the process.

Long Lasting

Compared to many of the more traditional home heating systems, geothermal heat pumps are remarkably long lasting. While a typical furnace may last you somewhere between 15 and 20 years, the pipes installed with a geothermal heat pump will be good for upwards of 50 years or more. Basically, that means that you will probably never have to worry about replacing your home heating and cooling system again when you switch to geothermal power. And that makes your initial investment seem even more reasonable.

Full Service

If you live in the Northern Arizona area and are thinking of having a geothermal home heating and cooling system installed, call TDK today. We have the skills and experience needed to take on this type of project and get it done right the first time. We’ll also help you select the best type of system and installation for your home.

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