How to Fix Your Home to Add Value

Whether you are living in a home that needs some fixing up, are looking to purchase a home that needs some work, or are already in the process of renovating a home, things can quickly become a little overwhelming. Rather than becoming caught up on a lot of costly repairs or updates that may or may not add value to the home, consider focusing on a few key areas that are proven to add value and entice buyers if that is your end goal:

  • Paint it. Neutral paint like a light tan throughout the home, with a crisp white ceiling will make a home appealing to most and will lighten up a space.
  • Make sure the appliances are new and up to date. A beautiful kitchen with an old black and white coil top stove can be a red flag for potential buyers and an eyesore for owners. Save money by painting cabinetry and replacing hardware, while also updating appliances. This also applies to HVAC units. If the heater and air conditioner are in good shape, just have them serviced and maintained by a trusted company like TDK Comfort Systems, the experts in all Cottonwood HVAC needs.
  • Update floors, but not with super costly or extravagant finishes.  A rich looking laminate in the living area with some basic neutral carpeting in the bedrooms is just enough to entice a buyer and upgrade the look of a home without wasting a lot of money.

Keep these simple tips in mind when you’re considering upgrading the features in your own home or if you’re hoping to renovate or flip a home. A house is one of the biggest investments most Americans make, so be sure to use discretion in managing your investment.