Replace or Repair the Decision is not Always Final

When living in sunny  Arizona one does not always stop to  think about the upkeep and repair of furnaces.   Fortunately there is a family owned business that has been able to help in this area.  TDK Comfort Systems Inc. has been in the heating repair service in Cottonwood, AZ for over 16 years. Offering repair work, maintenance plans and installation of new units to the local area.

Keeping the furnace in tip top shape can sometimes feel like a hopeless task yet one of the simplest things to do is to simply change the dirty filter. Not checking your filter monthly and cleaning or changing it is one of the biggest causes of furnace breakdown.  If the furnace is not working properly, that should be the first thing that you check.  Leaving a dirty filter in can cause permanent damage to the furnace resulting in costly repairs or even having to replace the entire furnace.   TDK Comfort Systems has monthly maintenance programs specifically tailored to fit not only your budget but your needs.

We also have extensive experience in both installing new systems and retrofitting your older system. If you are finally thinking about building your dream home, we are the certified Energy Star consultants for new construction in your county.  We are also able to advise on replacing your old system with a new system to fit your specific home and heating needs.

We are also well versed in Geothermal heating.  Geothermal heating is using the natural earth to heat your house. Is Geothermal heating more costly in the construction stage? Yes, but the long term savings and the benefit to both you and the environment far outweighs the initial cost.  Having a heating and cooling system that does not rely on electricity or any of our natural resources saves you money in the long term.  The geothermal systems traditionally last over 50 years compared to the average fifteen year lifespan of a regular furnace. Even with houses already built, it is possible to retrofit a site with Geothermal heating.

Another area of fast growing concern for homeowners is the air quality inside our homes.  With U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recent studies finding that the exposure to contaminants can be as much as 5% higher on the inside of our dwellings has caused an increase in finding new processes to better the quality of the air that is most used by our families.  TDK Comfort Systems Inc. specializes in air quality control and are pleased to serve Northern Arizona.

Cottonwood has one of the better heating repair services found locally in TDK Comfort Systems.  Growing from a local husband and wife team that has expanded to the many knowledgeable experts in our field. We are a truly a full service company offering services to local residents as well as business.  Rather you need repair and maintenance, a totally replacement of your systems,  or just wanting to build that dream house we have truly developed into a team you can trust.