Why Does My AC Unit Freeze Up?

It’s a bizarre sight: your air conditioner is a frozen block of ice, and it’s the right in the middle of scorching summer in Chino Valley. It’s also when you need it the most, which is frustrating and stressful. After all, how can something freeze if it’s cranking continuously in high temperatures? This is a sign that something is not quite right since a frozen AC unit is not the norm. This issue should be addressed immediately.

Your cooling system could be having a number of issues. Though it appears that the entire equipment is frozen solid, most likely only the evaporator coil has frozen, where its airflow is restricted somehow. If this is true, then no air will move through the system and the coil can freeze. Also, if the refrigerant is leaking, the AC unit’s evaporator coil pressure can drop, which causes condensation in the air to freeze and accumulate.

This may require the AC repair expertise of a qualified technician, but there are a few things to try yourself first. Turn off the unit at the thermostat, but don’t increase the temperature. Check the vent filters to see if they are clogged, restricting air flow. Those filthy filters can cause the cooling system to freeze. If they look dirty or funky, slip in some new, quality filters. You can also inspect the coils around the evaporator to see if they need cleaning. Take a soft brush and gently remove any dust or debris. Blocked registers can inhibit air flow which can affect the evaporator and cause problems.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is vital to prevent a snowstorm on your cooling equipment. Clean filters and ducts regularly. Apart from ensuring the unit is free of dirt and goes through tune-ups and AC repairs, there’s little else preventing this little weather event.

If after trying to solve the problem, your air conditioner still freezes, you may have to invest in a new AC unit or heat pump. Based in Chino Valley, TDK Comfort Systems provides its expertise and support to residential and commercial clients across Prescott, Sedona, and surrounding areas. We’ll arrive on site promptly when an air conditioning unit freezes. If you require either AC repair or install, we are resourced to respond quickly. Call us today!